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Wall ventilator AEROTUBE AZ/WRG smart

Flexible pipe wall ventilator with air supply and /or air extraction operation, heat recovery and humidity sensor. A greater range of solutions and more comfort in this clever system.With the AEROTUBE all functional elements are positioned in the pipe. This gives the casing a discreet design, while nevertheless providing demand-based, controlled ventilation at a high level of comfort.The AEROTUBE system consists of five different device versions, which can be used singly or in pairs and also across rooms – and which can be interconnected intelligently in the "smart" version without any great effort and operated via the SIEGENIA Comfort app. This means that you have the right solution for every room; in new builds or in renovations.

V I D E O:  AEROTUBE product film
V I D E O:  AEROTUBE WRG smart - filter changing

  • AEROTUBE WRG smart: can switch between air supply and extraction with heat recovery
  • AEROTUBE AZ smart: can be used as an air supply or air extraction unit
  • dust filter
  • sound absorption
  • humidity sensor

System benefits

  • very flexible system with a total of 5 unit versions
  • consistent, discreet appearance and minimal space requirements: all functional elements are integrated in the pipe
  • suitable for renovations and new builds
  • with manual locking or optionally with electrical locking
  • op to 90% heat recovery (AEROTUBE WRG smart)
  • intelligent networking without a separate cable
  • operation via smartphone or tablet
  • efficient humidity control as standard
  • easily and neatly installed with one core drill hole
  • installation with vent duct also possible for increased sound absorption requirements
  • the  air direction can also be assigned afte installation


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Article: 817 AEROTUBE WRG EL
Price: 558.97 EUR
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18 pcs.
Price: 484.19 EUR
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2 pcs.
Stainless steel weather grille hood, Ø160 mm
Article: 817 L5477020-000010
Price: 140.32 EUR
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1 pcs.
Article: 817 AEROT RESTE NT
Price: 63.32 EUR
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Article: 817 AEROT RESTE 9016
Price: 18.69 EUR
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Filter AEROTUBE G3 (2 pc.) for WRG devices
Article: 817 L3470070-093110
Price: 16.66 EUR
In stock:
11 pair
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