Furniture and wardrobe fittings, door stoppers; pull handles and sliding dor handles; sliding systems

 Hinges, concealed hinges; fittings for sliding and glass doors, shutter hardware

 Automatic dropseals, door opening restrictors, finger protection

 Door and gate hardware, historic locks

 Locks, flush bolts
 System profiles for wooden windows and doors
 Pull handles

 Door and window handles, security hardware
 Spring loaded hinges

 Design door and window handles, security hardware, sliding door handles; door stoppers; barrier-free living

 Window hardware
 Thresholds and window profiles
 Sliding and folding systems for doors and indoor architecture, for sliding shutters and furniture
 Door and window hardware; fittings for furniture, wardrobe and bathroom
 Door and window hardware
 Locks, multi-point locks, strike plates, access control
 Mailboxes and mailbox banks
 Door and gate stoppers and holders; door handles; handrails
 Design door and window handles, pull handles, sliding door handles, door stoppers, door accessories
 Gate closers, gate hardware; access control
 Sliding door and ladder systems
 Design door and window handles
 Hinges, concealed hinges; flush bolts
 Door and window handles, security hardware, historic door and window handles
 Gate and shutter hardware; connectors
 Weather seals
 Door and window handles, pull handles, sliding door handles
 Window ventilation, sliding panels and louvres, sun protection
 Mailboxes and mailbox banks
 Historic door and window handles, bathroom fittings
 Weather seals
 Window and balcony door hardware, wall-mounted and window ventilators, sliding door hardware
 Hinges, concealed hinges, heavy-duty hinges; finger protection; magnetic holders
 Locks, strike plates, flush bolts
 Door and window handles, security hardware, access control; door stoppers; shower fittings
 Gate and shutter hinges and holders, wood connecting pieces, shelf brackets, hooks, angles, conectors
 Locks, profile cylinders