AEROMAT VT RS window-mounted active ventilation device

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AEROMAT VT window-mounted active ventilation device
with dust filter and sound insulation
Manufacturer - SIEGENIA-AUBI (Germany)

    • AEROMAT VT RS: ventilation device with motor-driven ventilator with 2 power levels and low internal noise
    • floor-mounted model AEROMAT VT-F available on individual request
    • flexible solution for technically demanding contemporary projects
    • modular design can be adapted to optimally suit individual requirements
    • elegant profile design allows easy integration into modern interior design schemes
    • effective sound insulation
    • low energy consumption
    • active ventilation
    • air flow and extraction
    • coarse dust filter
    • sound insulation
    • suitable for bedrooms
    • sound insulation according to DIN EN 20140-10: RW1,9/Dn,e,w = 50 dB / 57 dB
    • air flow quantity for active ventilation device: level 1 = 30 m3/h; level 2 = 50 m3/h
    • internal noise LpA (in accordance with EN ISO 9614-2 / with room sound insulation 8 dB:  level 1 = 14 dB(A); level 2 = 26 dB(A)
    • optional filters: D3 or F7, with separate filter cassette
    • filter replacement indicator optional
    • manual, adjustable closing sliders (upon request electric-operated closing sliders are available)
    • heat exchange (U-value in accordance with EN ISO 6946) = 0.25 W/m2K
    • installation height: 100 mm
    • installation depth:
      • VT RS: 300 - 500 mm
    • casing length:
      • VT RS: 725 - 3000 mm (longer also available upon request)
    • installation type and site: horizontally and vertically/beneath the window lintel; near the sill (concealed installation), in the frame, in the reveal (VT WRG 1100 only allows horizontal installation)
    • electricity supply - 230 V
    • energy consumption for RS device: level 1 = 5 W / level 2 = 17 W
    • RS voltage: 24V, internal transformer, 1.5 or 5 m long power cable with standard Euro plug
    • casing material - aluminium, colour - white RAL 9016, other colours according to RAL available upon request
    • additional fan available
    • may be combined with sill channel

  • high sound absorption and high air throughput with low internal noise and individual air volume control
  • casing available in black or white
  • modular, individually customisable ventilator design
  • simple installation and adaptation to the building structure
  • low installation height allows optimal integration into any facade
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air throughput up to 56 m3/h at 10 Pa
with heat recovery no
air flow control manually adjustable cover flaps (electric option on request)
body dimensions 100 x 725-3000 x 300-500 mm
coarse dust filter G3 yes
display no
electrical power 6-17 W
electrically operated blower yes
filter replacement indicator possible
fine dust and pollen filter M5 (additional option)
installation with vent duct possible yes
installation horizontally/vertically - in frame, beneath the window lintel, near the sill
internal noise 33 dB(A) at 56 m3/h
Manufacturer SIEGENIA
material plastic
operating mode air intake/extraction
sound insulation 56 dB
suitable for bathrooms no
suitable for bedrooms yes
supply voltage 230 V
ventilation device type for building into windows
ventilation type active ventilation