AEROPAC® active/passive ventilation device

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Adjustable filtered air flow from outside; excellent sound insulation
Fresh air without noise and pollution 
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AEROPAC® active/passive ventilation device
with various types of filter, adjustable air flow quantity and sound insulation
Manufacturer - SIEGENIA-AUBI (Germany)

    • controlled improvement of air quality ensuring a healthy environment in living rooms, keeping noise and outdoor pollution at bay
    • protects the human organism from pollen, spores and other allergens in the outdoor environment
    • prevents ultra-fine dust particles, caused by an increasing amount of traffic, from entering the bloodstream and organs
    • cleans the indoor air of harmful substances created by building materials, floor coverings, furniture, cigarette smoke, cleaning products etc.
    • controls the level of air humidity, preventing the development of mould and dust-mites
    • improves energy efficiency as ventilation does not require opening windows
    • variant AEROPAC Smart can be operated via mobile app Siegenia Comfort app
    • active and passive ventilation; airflow from outside
    • G3 dust filter in standard set
    • 2 additional filters: activated carbon (for exhaust gases) and pollen/fine dust filter
    • LCD display
    • programmable timer
    • slider on the side for individual air control
    • filter change indicator
    • filter cassettes for quick and easy removal/replacement of the filter
    • may be installed in attic rooms, next to eaves and communication vents
    • sound insulation according to DIN EN 20140-10 (with G3 filter) 50-57 dB
      • with 1 closed cover flap: Dn,e,w = 50 dB
      • with 2 closed cover flap: Dn,e,w = 53 dB
      • with all cover flaps closed: Dn,e,w = 57 dB
    • airflow quantity without a fan 17-31 m3/h
      • G3 filter / 4 Pa = 17 m3/h
      • G3 filter / 8 Pa = 26 m3/h
      • G3 filter / 10 Pa = 31 m3/h
    • airflow quantity with a fan 15-180 m3/h :
      • G3 filter : 30-180 m³/h
      • F5 filter : 15-160 m³/h
      • activated carbon filter : 15-160 m³/h
    • unit noise LpA according to DIN EN ISO 3741 (where A0 = 10 m2): at 60 m3/h = 20 dB(A)
    • power supply - 230 V
    • electricity consumption during operation: 60m3/h = 5 W
    • minimum fan mode: 2W
    • maximum fan mode: 30 W
    • IP rating: IP 40
    • unit size (height x depth x width): 467 x 132 x 270 mm
    • unit material: ASA PVC, toned
    • weight: 3.12 kg
    • electricity cable: length max. 4.5 m, white, with standard European pin plug
    • temperature range (room): from -15 °C to +40 °C
    • building inspectorate certificate: Z-51.5-206
    • compatible with mobile app Siegenia Comfort App for automated unit operation

  • active and passive ventilation
  • filtered air flow through wall pipe duct
  • filters for coarse and fine dust, pollen and activated carbon
  • sound insulation
  • suitable for bedrooms
  • air flow setting and programmable timer
  • operates quietly, almost silent, without causing draughts
  • excellent sound insulation level – ideally suited for premises located near airports, railway lines and high-intensity roads
  • simple, clean and accurate installation
  • individual and convenient air flow regulation; LCD display allows easy overview of parameters
  • filter change indicator, cassette system allows easy removal/replacement of filter
  • low electricity consumption
  • small, elegant, unassuming unit, which easily fits into any room design
  • may be installed in attics and lofts
AEROPAC smart:
  • vienkāršs pielietojums, izmantojot SIEGENIA Comfort App viedtālrunī vai planšetdatorā (savietojams ar iOS 8.0 vai jaunākām versijām, iPhone, iPad un iPod touch, ka arī Android 5.0 vai jaunākām versijām)
  • fan mode control
  • programmable timer
  • filter change indicator and setup after change
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air throughput 30-60 m3/h; with ventilator: up to 160 m3/h
weight 3.12 kg
with heat recovery no
activated carbon filter yes
air control indicator no
air flow control sliders on side for continuous air flow control
body dimensions 467 x 132 x 270 mm
coarse dust filter G3 yes
device control on device or via SIEGENIA Comfort App (SMART)
device operating mode control manual
display yes
electrical power max 5 W
electrically operated blower possible (for model SN)
filter replacement indicator on the device / application
fine dust and pollen filter M5
installation surface-mounted, with tube in wall
installation with vent duct possible yes
internal noise 20 dB
IP rating IP40
Manufacturer SIEGENIA
material plastic
operating mode air intake
operational temperature range from -15 °C to +40 °C
programmable timer in version SMART
routing hole amount and size 1 x Ø82 mm
sound insulation up to 50 dB (1 closed cover flap)
suitable for bathrooms no
suitable for bedrooms yes
supply voltage 230 V
ventilation device type for building into external walls
ventilation type active and passive ventilation