Sliding door handle FSB 42 4212 NT

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Stainless steel sliding door handle FSB 42 4212
Manufacturer - FSB (Germany)

    • flush handle
    • handle size: 40 x 120 mm
    • milling: 87 x 28 x 10 mm
    • with holes for flush screws Ø 3.0 mm
    • material:
      • stainless steel matt satin

PVD finishes in various tones available on request
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  1. Sliding door handle, st.steel
    Sliding door handle, st.steel
    Code: SB00001927
    Art. Nr.: 2 42 4212 00000 NT
    From €22.40
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fastening type visible screws
fastening type visible screws
fastening type visible screws
function locking / non-locking
handle used for for leaf sliding
installation type flush-mounted
leaf material for wooden doors
locking function PZ / BB / BAC
Manufacturer FSB
material stainless steel
material properties (for specific finishes see tech. data) PVD coating - suitable for use in aggressive environments
purpose for interior doors
recess oval, open
shape oval
top plate thickness 1.5 mm
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