Sash rebate seal SP 125

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Sash rebate seal SP 125
Manufacturer – DEVENTER (Germany)

    • sash rebate seal for wood, wood & aluminium windows, and balcony doors
    • convenient and quiet closure, efficient sealing and insulation
    • with overstretch protection for steady corner joint
    • with hard coated back for easy installation
    • TPE - thermoplastic elastomer with excellent mechanical properties
    • age, weathering, UV and ozone resistant

Technical parameters
    • temperature range from -40°C to + 180°C
    • suitable for windows with rebate height of 12 mm and groove depth of 4-5 mm
    • size: 8 x 12 mm
    • compatible with standard face plates
    • installation type: notching or welding 
    • package unit: 200 m roll
    • colour: white

    • working range: 2-4 mm - grade 3 according to EN 12365-1
    • linear closing force: 200-500 N/m - grade 6 according to EN 12365-2
    • operation force: 0-5Nm - grade 2 according to EN 13115
    • air permeability: grade 4 according to EN 12207
    • driving rain waterproofing: grade 9A according to EN 12208
    • compatible with solvent-based or water-based acrylic varnish and paints
    • Classification code according to EN 12365: W 3 6 2 4 3
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  1. Sash rebate seal Deventer SP125, 8x12mm, white
    Sash rebate seal Deventer SP125, 8x12mm, white
    Code: SB00014632
    Art. Nr.: SP125sw
    From €1.32
    In Stock: 96 m
cutter side
fire safety not suitable for fire safety doors
installation type fitted in groove
leaf material wood / wood+ALU
Manufacturer DEVENTER
material thermoplastic elastomer
operational temperature range no -40 °C līdz +180 °C
packaging rullis 200 m
purpose for windows
rebate seal width 12.0 mm
seal type weather seal
stop clearance 5.0 mm