AEROMAT Midi HY window-mounted ventilator with humidity control

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Minimum ventilation with humidity control with closed windows. 
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AEROMAT Midi HY window-mounted ventilator 
with humidity control according to DIN 1946-6 and additional sound absorption module
Manufacturer - SIEGENIA-AUBI (Germany)

    • suitable for horizontal installation in wooden, PVC and aluminium windows and balcony doors
    • passive ventilation works by equalising pressure between indoor and outdoor air
    • air intake is regulated based on the relative humidity in accordance with DIN 146-6
    • suitable for ventilating closed indoor rooms
    • optional sound insulation module
    • installation at the top in the horizontal profile area
    • ventilation intensity is regulated by multi-layer fabric tapes reacting to changes in the relative humidity and either extending or contracting and thus changing the opening of the inlet
    • optional sound insulation module up to 42 dB
    • approximate air flow quantity:
      • at 2 Pa = 2 - 14 m3/h
      • at 4 Pa = 3 - 20 m3/h
      • at 7 Pa = 3 - 23 m3/h
      • at 8 Pa = 4 - 29 m3/h
      • at 10 Pa = 4 - 32 m3/h
    • sound insulation for standard model: Dn,e,w=38 dB
    • sound insulation for model HY 42 dB with sound insulation module: Dn,e,w=42 dB
    • casing length: 420 mm, height: 45 mm
    • length of exterior cover: 400 mm, height: 23 mm, thickness: 12 mm
    • material PVC:
      • standard tone - white (RAL 9016)
      • grey
      • brown
      • black

Advantages for manufacturers
  • ensures minimum required ventilation with closed windows
  • easy integration into standard window production processes
  • quick and easy installation
  • humidity control in accordance with DIN 1946-6
  • narrow weather grille, UV-resistant
  • additional equipment – sound insulation module up to 42dB
  • standard colour – white; available colours – grey, brown, black
Advantages for users
  • improves the level of comfort in living rooms, ensuring the correct amount of ventilation depending on humidity and room conditions
  • prevents the formation of fungal mould; protection against humidity accumulation in accordance with DIN 1946-6
  • suitable for rooms requiring sound insulation
  • modern, discreet look due to its rounded shape and narrow weather grille
  • easy to match coloured windows with the range of available tones
  • easy to clean
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  1. AEROMAT MIDI HY with sound absorption module, white
    AEROMAT MIDI HY with sound absorption module, white
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  2. AEROMAT MIDI HY, white
    AEROMAT MIDI HY, white
    Code: SB00012026
    Art. Nr.: 817 L4210320-004120
    From €81.11
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air flow control integrated ventilation intensity control
air throughput 4-32 m3h/h at 10 Pa
with heat recovery no
body dimensions 45 x 420 x 40 mm
humidity sensor yes
installation horizontally at window top, in sash / frame / sash and frame
installation with vent duct possible yes
Manufacturer SIEGENIA
material plastic
operating mode air intake
purpose for windows
sound insulation 38 dB (42 dB with sound absorption module)
sound insulation module may be fitted with sound absorption module
suitable for bathrooms yes
suitable for bedrooms yes
ventilation device type for building into windows
ventilation type passive ventilation
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