Controlled ventilation device RENSON WAVES

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Controlled ventilation device RENSON WAVES
Manufacturer - RENSON (Belgium)

    • an intelligent and effective ventilation solution for bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, and laundry rooms
    • suitable for new buildings and renovation projects, as well as existing homes
    • automatically extracts humidity, odours, and excessive levels of CO2
    • ventilation extraction flow rate control algorithm:
      • CO2 detection: proportionate
      • VOC detection: dynamic
      • humidity detection: dynamic + proportionate
    • max. airflow rate:
      • 75 m3/h [at 38 Pa]
      • 50 m3/h [at 80 Pa]
      • 25 m3/h [at 120 Pa]
    • connection voltage 230 Vac ±10% [50 Hz, 60]
    • max. power [at 50 m3/h]: 2.5 W
    • dimensions: 185 x 185 x 50 mm
    • connection diameter:
      • 100 mm
      • 125 mm with an additional foam ring 
    • max. operating pressure:
      • 120 Pa: max operating pressure
      • 50 Pa: recommended operational pressure at the set flow rate 
      • 25 Pa: reference value of very good working pressure at the set flow rate 
    • calibration – initialisation of the calibration via the app or manually; readout via the app; duration of automatic calibration - 30 sec.
    • internet: W-LAN 802.1 b/g/n
    • pairing: with the app or with the WPS button on the device
    • security: WPA, WPA/WPA2, WPA2 and WPA Enterprise
    • IP classification IP44 – can be used in a bathroom within humidity protection zones 2 and 3 
    • silent mode – option to reduce ventilation rate during set periods, e.g. at night
    • recommended air flow rate
      • bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens: 50 m3/h
      • open style kitchens: 75 m3/h
      • WC: 25 m3/h

Wavesventilation device with integrated humidity, temperature, VOC (odour) sensors; suitable for bathrooms and toilets

Waves CO2ventilation device with integrated humidity, temperature, VOC (odour) and CO2 sensors. Especially suited for kitchens where people spend a lot of time and which are often open areas and connected to living spaces. In this case, the device extracts humidity and unpleasant odours, while maintaining a supply of fresh air in adjacent rooms.

Primary features
  • decentralised demand-controlled ventilation
  • continuous air quality detection (humidity, VOC, CO2) – the sensors measure indoor air quality in the extraction air flow 24/7
  • automatic control of ventilation extraction flow rate – Waves automatically adjusts the speed of the motor according to the measured sensor values. This regulates the extraction flow rate depending on the air quality
  • devices with CO2 sensors can also detect CO2 levels in adjacent rooms, ensuring good quality air in the "dry" areas (bedroom, office, living room etc.)
  • wall and ceiling mounting possible
  • may be used in high-humidity rooms - areas not subject to direct water jets or water accumulation (humidity protection zones 2 and 3)
  • control modules provide individual demand controlled ventilation for each connected room
  • aesthetic design, compact size
  • efficient - maintains air quality without heat loss, while saving on energy consumption
  • quick and easy wall or ceiling mounting
  • quiet yet powerful motor
  • remote control via the SmartConnect app
  • easily installed in an existing home
  • Waves with CO2 sensor will boost ventilation levels to adjust air quality in adjacent rooms as well

Demand controlled ventilation with built-in humidity, odour, and CO2 sensors, which continually monitor air quality and adjust ventilation levels according to the actual conditions.  For example, when you are taking a shower it will extract humidity, when you are cooking it will neutralise smells in the kitchen, and it will eliminate unpleasant odours in the toilet. If the humidity and odour sensors are not recording elevated numbers, the device will maintain a fresh and healthy air supply in your home.

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activated carbon filter no
air control indicator temperature, humidity, air quality indicators
air flow control automatic
air throughput 25 m3/h at 10 Pa
with heat recovery no
air quality (VOC/CO2) sensor possible
coarse dust filter G3 no
device control via application SmartConnect
device operating mode control automatic
display no
electrical power 2.5 W at 50 m3/h
electrically operated blower yes
fine dust and pollen filter no
humidity sensor yes
installation on wall or ceiling
IP rating IP44
Manufacturer RENSON
operating mode air extraction
routing hole amount and size 100mm/125mm
Silent mode yes
suitable for bathrooms yes
suitable for bedrooms yes
supply voltage 220-240 V
temperature sensor yes
ventilation device type for building into external walls/ceiling
ventilation type active ventilation
VOC sensor yes
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