Profile cylinder Wilka 1400/B

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Profile cylinder Wilka 1400/B
Manufacturer - WILKA

    • 6 spring pins on each locking side
    • special cylinder shape ensures highest level of resistance
    • nickel-plated core pins
    • brass and steel pins in cylinder core and barrel
    • special dumbbell-shaped spring pins increase picking resistance
    • hardened steel spring pins for anti-drill protection
    • hardened steel cylinder core pins for anti-drill protection
    • highest locking code security grade 6 according to EN 1303: 2015
    • highest anti-intruder security level 2 according to EN 1303: 2015
    • highest long-term resistance grade 6 according to EN 1303:2015 – 100.000 test cycles
    • resistance class RC3 in accordance with EN 1627:2000 certificate
    • suitable for fire safety doors
    • extension increment: 5 mm
    • maximum length of one side: 90 mm
    • maximum total cylinder length: 180 mm
    • minimum length of one side: 30 mm
    • length of shortened cylinder on one side: 26,5 mm
    • 3 keys
    • equal locking cylinder systems available
    • classification code according to EN 1303:2015: 1 6 0 B 0 C 6 D
    • material:
      • brass matt
      • brass nickel-plated
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  1. Profile cylinder 1400B 30-30, nickel plated brass
    Profile cylinder 1400B 30-30, nickel plated brass
    Code: SB00014820
    Art. Nr.: 1400/006591/31
    From €24.24
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anti-intruder security class D according to EN 1303
anti-intruder security in accordance with EN1303 class D
extension increment 5 mm
fire safety certified for fire and smoke safety doors
key duplication can be duplicated at any locksmith
key duplication at SB UN PARTNERI Customer service centre possible
locking cylinder standard Europrofile cylinder
maximum 1 side length 90 mm
maximum total length 180 mm
Manufacturer WILKA
material brass
minimum 1 side length 30 mm
number of keys 3
number of locking lugs 6
profile cylinder type double cylinder
suitable for use in locking systems suitable for equal locking systems