Ārdurvju drošības rokturi FSB 7381 W ZA ALU

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backplate/rose shape square
backplate/rose size 54 x 246 mm (ārējā uzlika); 45 x 245 mm (iekšējā uzlika)
bundling options possible to order with any FSB handle model
cylinder guard changeable
cylinder guard yes
centre distance PZ 72 / 92 mm
centring lug diameter 12 mm
compatibility standard German (DIN)
construction safety backplates
construction lever handle / inactive door knob
distance from leaf surface to outer edge of handle 54.5
door direction universal use for DIN right and left hand doors
door knob shape square
door thickness 40-45 mm / 65-69 mm / 75-79 mm / 88-92 mm
fastening type stable, connected, concealed screws
fastening type stable, connected, concealed screws
fire safety related fireproof model available
handle length 136 mm
handle square spindle size 8 / 10 mm
installation template available for sale or rent
leaf material for wooden and metal doors
Manufacturer FSB
material aluminium anodised blasted
material: sub-construction solid steel
outer backplate thickness 15 mm
purpose for exterior doors and doors with increased intruder resistance requirements
security class ES1