Concealed flush glass door hinges TECTUS TEG 310 2D 60

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Concealed flush glass door hinges TECTUS TEG 310 2D 60
Manufacturer - SIMONSWERK (Germany)

    • lies in one plane with flush glass door 
    • combined with contactless magnetic closure and matching handle, TECTUS glass door hinges form a uniform solution for a perfectly fine-tuned design
    • reducing the visible elements and increasing the ease of use blends with contemporary interior design concepts
    • reduced hinge dimensions create maximum transparency in glass doors
    • the integrated U-profile picks up the door leaf and ensures the perfect fit of the glass pane; the adjustment of the correct door position is easy and flexible due to the floating clamping
    • the entire assembly requires no glass processing
    • suitable for flush glass doors with 8-10 mm ESG-glass
    • without drilling into door leaf
    • suitable for wooden, steel and aluminium frames
    • continuous side adjustment: + 3,0/- 2,0 mm
    • continuous height adjustment with additional vernier adjustment: +/- 1,0 mm
    • self-lubricating bearings
    • overlap width: 11-15 mm
    • max load capacity: 60 kg (2 hinges per leaf, leaf size: 1000 x 2000 mm, at an opening position of 180° the door may have to be fixed additionally.)
    • total height: 160 mm
    • frame part width: 28 mm
    • milling diameter: 24 mm
    • opening angle: 180°
    • suitable for both left and right hand doors
    • compatible with the innovative, zero-current magnetic closure 'Keep Close'
    • material:
      • stainless steel
      • black tone
      • white tone
      • grey tone

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  1. TECTUS TEG 310 2D 60 concealed hinge for glass doors, stainless steel
    TECTUS TEG 310 2D 60 concealed hinge for glass doors, stainless steel
    Code: SB00008973
    Art. Nr.: 76 400720 0 04002
    From €137.87
    In Stock: 2 pc.
adjustment adjustable
adjustment type may be adjusted without removing door from its frame
anti-corrosion resistance not sertified
anti-intruder protection yes, protected hinge design
base assortment No
bundling options may be combined with contactless locking magnets
class as per EN 1935 not certified
collar ring 30 mm
cutter diameter 24 mm
door construction for non-rebated doors
door direction universal use for DIN right and left hand doors
fastening elements included in set
fire safety not certified
glass thickness 8-10 mm
groove for leaf seal no
height 160 mm
hinge shape rounded
hinge type concealed hinge
installation template available for sale or rent
leaf maximum weight 60 kg
leaf material for glass doors with timber frames
load capacity middle
maintenance not required (self-lubricating bearings)
Manufacturer SIMONSWERK
material ZAMAK
overlap width 11-15 mm
suitable for aluminium frames suitable using additional mounting parts
suitable for industrial frames suitable
suitable for steel frames suitable using additional mounting parts
suitable for timber frames suitable
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