AS-3500/3600 electromechanical drive A-Öffner 2.2

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Electromechanical drive AS-3500/3600 A-Öffner
Manufacturer - KFV

    • complements automatic multi-point lock AS-3500 and AS-3600 with electromechanical opening
    • compatible with various access control solutions, such as biometric reader KFV Fingerprint or Bluetooth access control system KFV Keyless
    • compatible with cable adaptors and accessories from the GENIUS programme
    • motor is connected with 3 screws included in set
    • electric connection corresponds with CA type from the GENIUS programme
    • power supply: 24 V DC max 500 mA
    • motor does not need magnetic contact in door frame
    • size: width 16 mm, length approx. 252 mm, depth 49 mm + face plate thickness
    • operational temperature range: -10 to +45 °C
    • relative humidity: 20% to 80%
    • may also be retrofitted after lock installation

    • lock automatically locks without the motor; the motor unlocks the lock
    • the motor retracts the hooked bolts of the auxiliary casings and the latch of the main lock
    • the deadbolt of the main lock is not retracted, i.e. lock that is locked with a key cannot be unlocked with the motor
    • may be connected with an intercom or an access control system, the connection type corresponds with the KFV GENIUS A type
    • compatible with cable adaptors and other accessories from the KFV GENIUS programme
    • the motor does not need magnetic contact in the door frame

colour / finish galvanised
Manufacturer KFV