Multi-point lock with round bolts KFV AS2300 PZ/92

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May be substituted with BS2500 lock. Milling parameters are identical. 
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Multi-point lock with round bolts KFV AS2300 PZ/92
Manufacturer - KFV

    • multi-point lock with 3 locking points
    • with standard or rolling latch
    • all locking components are operated by key
    • suitable for both left and right hand doors
    • anti-intruder protection with multiple bolts
    • compatible with standard door hardware
    • standardised routing template
    • main lock compatible with profile cylinder and has 2 auxiliary locks on either side, with round steel bolts: Ø11mm
    • spindle depth D for standard lock: 45 mm
    • spindle depth D for rolling latch lock: 55 mm
    • centre distance: 92 mm
    • key-retractable latch, double throw bolt projection: 20 mm 
    • main lock with lined holes for screws up to M6 - for fixing backplate into its place
    • handle spindle square hole: 8 mm
    • all locking components are bright nickel-plated, all lock cases - galvanised and closed
    • main lock case height: 210 mm, case thickness: 16 mm
    • distance from the cylinder centre to the back of the casing: 17.5 mm (if D is 35-50 mm) or 23.5 mm (if D is 55-100 mm)
    • face plate finish: light galvanised 
    • cutter type: B001

Security features 
    • hooked bolts prevent intruders from prising the door open and secure high back-pressure protection
    • tempered steel elements notably improve lock durability 
    • main lock deadbolt is secured against sawing and thus hinders break-in attempts
    • corresponds with DIN V 18103 (ET1, ET2, ET3) standards for doors with anti-intruder protection

    • high security with round steel bolts
    • door tightening ensures an optimal seal to prevent draughts
    • the tight seal provides sound and heat insulation
    • smooth latch-lever mechanism is easy to use
    • the lock retains its perfect functionality even after prolonged and intensive use
    • the patented technology guarantees easy and accurate fitting

Areas of use
    • for residential front doors, for basement doors and back doors
    • for apartment doors
    • for extra high interior doors
    • and for other areas where high security and protection against warping is required

Milling sizes:
Cutter type  A
Total length (mm)
Distance from handle centre to lower part centre (mm)
Distance from handle centre to upper part centre (mm)
Distance from handle centre to bottom (mm)
Max face plate shortening from top (mm)
Max face plate shortening from bottom (mm)
 B001  2170  760  730  1020  290  130
   B003*  2400  760  980  1020  270  130
 B298  2170  760  605  1020  415  130
*except for face plate P 6/22

Face plate types:
Model Face plate type Size (mm)
 AS2300 F16 flat  16 x 3*
 AS2300 F20 flat  20 x 3*
 AS2300 F24 flat  24 x 3*
 AS2300 P6/22 U-shape  6 x 22 x 6 x 2
 AS2300 P6/24 U-shape  6 x 24 x 6 x 2
AS2300 P8/22 U-shape  8 x 22 x 8 x 2 (stainless steel)
 AS2300 P8/24 U-shape  8 x 24 x 8 x 2 (stainless steel)
 AS2300 P10/24 U-shape  10 x 24 x 10 x 2 (stainless steel)
 AS2300 P10/30 U-shape  10 x 30 x 10 x 2
 *material thickness in flat (F) stainless steel face plates - 2.5 mm

Separate strike plates:
central 19-267 + upper/lower 2300-08-20-1R
central 15-530E + upper/lower 3615-530Q/31
central 19-504 V + upper/lower 2319-504V
central 19-503 V + upper/lower 3619-503V-31
central 19-512V + upper/lower 2319-512V
central SLK 881-083 A /DZM 402-00031 + upper/lower SLK 2600-267-2W/31
central 8050-752ERH
upper/lower 2330-03-20R or 2500-03-20R

Joint strike plates:
joint BD25-2-230ERQH/31 B001
joint locking rail BS60-230ERQH/31

Electric strikes:
Effeff 118E130
rolling latch module 115 B

Assembly instructions & user manual

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bolt projection 20 mm
centre distance PZ 92 mm
class as per EN 12209 (DIN 18251) class 3 according to DIN 18251-3 / class 6 according to EN 12400
compatibility standard German (DIN)
door direction universal use for DIN right and left hand doors
face plate width 16 / 20 mm
face plate finish gaiši cinkota
face plate length 2170-2400 mm
face plate shape square or U-profile
fire safety option for fire safety doors available on request
handle square spindle size 8 mm
installation type mortise
latch key-retractable (central lock)
latch type bolts (round bolts)
leaf material for wooden, metal and framed doors
load capacity high
lock bolt double turn (central lock)
lock case galvanised closed
lock cutter type B001
lock operation mechanical
lock operation type with key
lock type multi-point lock for hinged doors
locking elements polished nickel-coated
locking function PZ - with profile cylinder hole
Manufacturer KFV
number of locking points 3
possible spindle depth 45/55 mm
purpose for exterior doors
round bolt diameter 11 mm
round bolt projection 20 mm
sound insulation yes