Electromagnetic solenoid lock EL560/EL561

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Electromagnetic solenoid lock EL560/EL561
Manufacturer - ABLOY

    • mechanical automatic locking
    • anti-intruder protection with deadlock (throw 20 mm)
    • suitable for fire safety doors
    • adaptable exterior handle function
    • integrated micro-contacts provide various door and lock positions
    • solenoid lock
    • lock type: PZ
    • self-locking handle-operated lock for wood or metal doors
    • suitable for doors with medium usage, with access control system
    • lock operation possible also via access control or other remote control systems
    • certified for use in fire safety doors, and in emergency and panic doors according to EN179 and EN1125
    • not suitable for use with automatic systems
    • split spindle: 9 mm
    • easily replaceable with standard lock
    • connects to only one power source
    • compatible with roses or long security backplates
    • double action latch
    • bolt throw: 20 mm
    • operating voltage: 12-24 VDC
    • nominal power consumption:
      • 12 V DC standby mode 240 mA, in operation 550 mA
      • 24 V DC standby mode 130 mA, in operation 300 mA
    • micro-contact capacity: max 0.5 A 30 V AC/DC resist, 10 W
    • temperature limits: from -25 °C to +70 °C
    • spindle 55 / 60 / 65 / 80 / 100 mm
    • face plate width: 20 or 24 mm
    • face plate material:
      • stainless steel

    • electric operation only for external handle
    • lock EL560 interior handle always releases the lock - guaranteed panic exit, lock EL561 interior handle is with electronic function control 
    • can always be opened mechanically from both sides with a key
    • as the door closes, the lock bolt automatically projects, the latch blocks and the door is securely locked in 2 points
    • suitable for door with medium usage and access control system, especially where handle locking has to match mechanical safety requirements
    • safer alternative for electric strikes
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bolt projection 20 mm
bundling options not compatible with automatic door drives
centre distance PZ 72 mm
class as per EN 12209 (DIN 18251) class 3 according to EN 122209 / DIN 18251
compatibility standard German (DIN)
door direction universal use for DIN right and left hand doors
evacuation function other
face plate width 20 / 24 mm
face plate finish nerūsējošais tērauds
face plate length 235 mm
face plate shape rounded
fire safety complies with EN standard fire safety requirements
handle square spindle size 9 mm
installation type mortise
latch double action latch
leaf material for wooden and metal doors
load capacity high
lock operation solenoid
lock type single-point lock for hinged doors
locking function PZ - with profile cylinder hole
Manufacturer ABLOY
nominal current consumption 240-550 mA (12 V DC) / 130-300 mA (24 V DC)
operating voltage 12-24 VDC
operational temperature range no -25 °C līdz +70 °C
possible spindle depth 55/60/65/80/100 mm
purpose for interior doors / for exterior doors
sound insulation no
suitable for emergency exits complies with 179 and EN 1125 - emergency/panic door equipment
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