Automatic door seal with time-lag actuation STADI LD-17/20 WS

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Automatic door seal with time-lag actuation STADI LD-17/20 WS
Manufacturer - Athmer (Germany)

    • automatic drop seal for wooden, metal and aluminium hinged door with time-lag actuation
    • noise reduction up to 52 dB
    • seal drops instantly as the door opens
    • suitable for use in combination with door closer
    • minimal milling height
    • protects against cold, smoke, dust and smells; reduces noise
    • elf-extinguishing silicone profile, corresponds with fire and smoke safety door requirements (option: silicone-free hard/soft profile)
    • conforms with barrier-free building requirements in accordance with DIN 18024
    • automatically evens height and levels, adapts to changing weather conditions
    • wide silicone profile provides constant and even contact pressure, prevents freezing in position and ensures flexible seal with the floor, even in icy conditions
    • suitable for both left and right hand doors
    • single-sided actuation: fixing latch either hinge side or lock side
    • easy screw-on angled installation
    • stainless steel springs and rustproof inner mechanical parts
    • integrated overload protection 
    • max length: 1600 mm
    • min length (non-reducible): 655 mm (LD 17/20 WS)
    • standard lengths: 750, 900, 1050, 1200 mm
    • shortening range: 150 mm
    • max seal throw: 16 mm
    • groove: 17 x 20 mm (LD 17/20 WS)
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  1. STADI LD-17/20 WS automatic door seal 900 mm
    STADI LD-17/20 WS automatic door seal 900 mm
    Code: SB00006789
    Art. Nr.: 1-953-0900
    From €115.60
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activation delay 6-8 sek.
activation type one-sided
body dimensions 20 x 17 mm
environmental accessibility yes
fire safety yes
heat insulation yes
installation type flush-mounted
length standard lengths: 750 / 900 / 1050 / 1200 mm
maximum length 1600 mm
Manufacturer ATHMER
material aluminium
minimum length 655 mm
passive leaf option built-in flush bolt or hole for flush bolt rod
purpose for interior doors / for exterior doors
resistance to environment factors cold and temperature variance resistant
sealing profile self-extinguishing silicone
shortening section 150 mm (tikai standarta garumiem)
smoke resistance yes
sound insulation 52 dB
throw 16 mm