Auxiliary lock KFV ZSK 201-TR-8084

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Auxiliary lock KFV ZSK 201-TR-8084
Manufacturer - KFV

    • locks with separate profile cylinder from inside and outside independently from multi-point lock
    • spindle depth is matched with the main lock, both profile cylinders are located on the same optical axis
    • lock type: PZ
    • suitable for multi-point locks AS2300, AS2500 and AS2600 labelled "T0"
    • spindle depth D: 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 mm, to be matched with the main lock so that both profile cylinders are located on the same optical axis
    • fixed with metric flush screw Ø 8 mm (included in set) and with profile cylinder screw
    • bolt projection: 15 mm
    • milling depth: lock case depth (D + 17,5 mm) + 1 mm
    • available finish: galvanised

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  1. ZSK 201-TR-8084/v-45 auxiliary lock
    ZSK 201-TR-8084/v-45 auxiliary lock
    Code: SB00004005
    Art. Nr.: 3502007
    From €54.46
    In Stock: 4 pc.
  2. ZSK 201-TR-8084/v-55 auxiliary lock
    ZSK 201-TR-8084/v-55 auxiliary lock
    Code: SB00004006
    Art. Nr.: 3502009
    From €54.46
    In Stock: 2 pc.
bolt projection 15 mm
bundling options suitable for multi-point locks labeled "T0"
class as per EN 12209 (DIN 18251) not certified
compatibility standard German (DIN)
door direction universal use for DIN right and left hand doors
face plate width 16 mm
face plate shape rounded
fire safety n/d
installation type mortise
leaf material for wooden and metal doors
load capacity high
lock bolt single turn
lock operation mechanical
lock type additional lock with multi-point locks
locking function PZ - with profile cylinder hole
Manufacturer KFV
possible spindle depth 35/40/45/50/55 mm (saskaņojams ar daudzpunktu slēdzeni)
purpose for interior doors / for exterior doors
sound insulation no