Door handle APOLLO K5

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Stainless steel handle with inactive door knob APOLLO K5
Manufacturer - DIECKMANN (Germany)

    • durable rose sub-construction suitable for heavy-duty doors
    • turnable stainless steel handle firmly fixed into the plastic base rose with a fixation ring
    • integrated spring to cushion the push and pull forces
    • handle guide made of self-lubricating plastic
    • base rose with fixed supporting lugs for metric screws M5 x 30 mm
    • roses: Ø 55 mm
    • fixed supporting lugs: Ø 8 mm
    • spindle: Ø 8 mm
    • handle length: 125 mm
    • additional flush screw in handle for higher resistance
    • through door fastening
    • keyhole options: PZ, BB, WC
    • set corresponds to grade 3 in use and durability according to EN 1906, suitable for medium to high usage, can be used for public buildings
    • material:
      • stainless steel
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  1. 1487 APOLLO handle set with door knob, roses PZ, st.steel
    1487 APOLLO handle set with door knob, roses PZ, st.steel
    Code: SB00011223
    Art. Nr.: 4164/8203/00
    From €60.10
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backplate/rose shape round
backplate/rose size Ø55 mm
backplate/rose thickness 8 mm
centring lug diameter 7 mm
class as per EN 1906 class 3
compatibility standard German (DIN)
construction lever handle / inactive door knob
distance from leaf surface to outer edge of handle 68 mm
door direction universal use for DIN right and left hand doors
door knob shape spherical
door knob size Ø52 mm
door thickness 38-58 mm (WC 38-48 mm)
fastening centre distance 38 mm
fastening elements included in set
fastening type covered
fastening type concealed
fastening type covered
fire safety not suitable for fire safety doors
handle construction with stable fixed pivot axis
handle length 125 mm
handle square spindle size 8 mm
handle spring integrated holding spring to cushion the push and pull forces
installation type screw on
leaf material for wooden and metal doors
load capacity high
locking function PZ - with profile cylinder hole
Manufacturer DIECKMANN
material stainless steel
material: sub-construction plastic
purpose for interior doors
set with split roses