Antimicrobial door handle RONNY-II R ABACO

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Antimicrobial door handle RONNY-II R ABACO
Manufacturer - Südmetall (Germany)

    • stainless steel handle / rose set with antimicrobial finish for grip and WC knob 
    • patented Südmetall TopSpeed construction for high usage requirements
    • set: handle/handle
    • set suitable for heavy-duty doors, corresponds to grade 4 according to EN 1906
    • handle length: 135 mm
    • handle diameter: Ø20 mm
    • spindle square: 8 mm
    • metal sub-construction with 7 mm fixing lugs
    • metric thread connecting bolts
    • integrated spring to cushion the push and pull forces
    • handle fixed in rose construction
    • bayonet-type rose fitting
    • distance between fixing lugs: 38 mm
    • roses: Ø55 mm
    • rose thickness: 10 mm
    • handle protrusion from leaf surface: 64 mm
    • set suitable for standard doors with leaf thickness 38 - 45 mm
    • fireproof door sets for doors with leaf thickness 47 - 56 mm
    • material:
      • stainless steel matt satin (PVD)

Other tones available on request - chrome, gold, brass, black (min. quantity per order: 200 sets)

ABACO - antimicrobial PVD surface
Antimicrobial handles – reliable protection against pathogens
Airports, stations, hospitals, schools or any other building with intensive traffic of people are high-risk zones for the spread of diseases. Since bacteria is mostly transmitted via hands, door handles being touched by most visitors are one of the most dangerous carriers. In order to tackle this issue and make public spaces safer, manufacturers continuously improve antimicrobial surface finishes.  

Südmetall ABACO is more than an antimicrobial surface finish: it is a particular treatment where PVD coating is combined with special nanotechnology which changes the structure of the material. As a result, silver nanoparticles settle in the base material and the antimicrobial quality of silver destroys cell membranes in microbes thus eliminating them.  

ABACO guarantees a hygienic handle surface within 45 minutes. In that time all bacteria are eliminated, and the bacteriostatic function ensures bacteria are completely contained in their spreading from the very first contact with the ABACO surface. 

ABACO finish is characterized by extraordinary robustness and durability. Moreover, the antibacterial effectiveness even intensifies with increased use. The antimicrobial protection is integrated within the material therefore it cannot be scratched off or otherwise mechanically damaged. Südmetall guarantees ABACO effectiveness for 20 years.

There is no visual difference between ABACO surface finish and conventional PVD finishes. ABACO is available in stainless steel, chrome, brass, gold and black tones.
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  1. RONNY II-R, handle/rose set BB, stainless steel with PVD ABACO
    RONNY II-R, handle/rose set BB, stainless steel with PVD ABACO
    Code: SB00005072
    Art. Nr.: 54 32.56.9100
    From €142.54
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  2. RONNY II-R, handle/rose set PZ, stainless steel with PVD ABACO
    RONNY II-R, handle/rose set PZ, stainless steel with PVD ABACO
    Code: SB00005073
    Art. Nr.: 54 32.56.9110
    From €142.54
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  3. RONNY II-R, handle/rose set WC w/out indicator, stainless steel with PVD ABACO
    RONNY II-R, handle/rose set WC w/out indicator, stainless steel with PVD ABACO
    Code: SB00005079
    Art. Nr.: 54 32.56.9140
    From €163.59
    In Stock: 0 set
backplate/rose shape round
backplate/rose size Ø55 mm
backplate/rose thickness 10 mm
centring lug diameter 7 mm
class as per EN 1906 class 4
compatibility standard German (DIN)
construction lever handles on both sides
distance from leaf surface to outer edge of handle 64 mm
door direction universal use for DIN right and left hand doors
door thickness 38-45 mm
fastening centre distance 38 mm
fastening type concealed, with metric connecting bolts
fire safety related fireproof model available
handle construction with stable fixed pivot axis
handle diameter 20 mm
handle length 135 mm
handle square spindle size 8 mm
handle spring integrated holding spring to cushion the push and pull forces
installation type screw on
leaf material for wooden and metal doors
load capacity high
locking function PZ / BB / WC
Manufacturer SÜDMETALL
material stainless steel
material: sub-construction metal
purpose for interior doors with increased sanitary requirements
set with split roses
special features (optional) antibacterial
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