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Piedrujas iela 7A, Riga


Minimalism for windows

What a difference less can make! With its radically pared-down rose, the FSB plug-in handle is ideal for any window profile – whether timber or metal. There is nothing reductionist about the range of variants available, though: awaiting assembly are 37 different handle designs in Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass and Bronze.

TECTUS TE 680 3D FD The concealed hinge solution for rebated timber entrance doors

With product innovation TECTUS TE 680 3D FD, SIMONSWERK has successfully further developed the TECTUS product brand, offering this new model version as a solution for conventionally rebated timber entrance doors. Easy mounting and convenient 3D adjustment make installation easy, while a circumferential seal ensures the required level of impermeability around the hinges. The innovative hinge system for timber entrance doors further impresses with a load capacity of 160 kg.

Self-closing concealed hinges PIVOTA DX Close

Innovative product from BaSys - PIVOTA DX Close - concealed hinge that closes doors gently and automatically.

♦  Characteristics: self-closing, 3-D adjustability, opening angle - 180°, maintenance-free bearings; hinge is concealed when door closed
♦  Use: for non-rabated doors
♦  Load capacity: 80 kg per pair


All FSB aluminium handles have a new finish - BLASTED, MATT ANODISED aluminium in various colours, which stands out with an unprecedented haptic quality and increased resistance to knocks and scratches.

Advantages of a blasted, matt anodised finish:
♦  high resistance to physical exposure
♦  unique, inimitable surface glow
♦  wide variety of colours, including today’s highlight – VELVET BLACK

Ladders create living space

The SLIDING LADDER AKZENT, which features a classic rolling head, is easy to lift and moves from one side to the other without any problems. The ladder is always able to move safely and elegantly to wherever it is needed. The optional roller base enables the ladder to be moved without prior lifting.

Luxurious door handle in the style of ART NOUVEAU

We offer a subtle, decorative door handles from the Italian produce’s ENRICO CASSINA historic door handle collection. The handle is made in ART NOUVEAU style. The design of the door handle is composed principally of slanting lines and symmetrical motifs.
Besides the interior door handle, it’s possible to also order window handles, door knobs and push handles, thereby creating a single look or design for the doors and windows of a building.

Handrails for indoors and outdoors

New product range from SÜDMETALL – modern design handrails and their connectors made of stainless steel or wood made for stairs, balconies, terraces or any other architectural idea.

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Piedrujas iela 7A, Riga
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Glass door lock IN.20.3300, right
EUR 137.05
EUR 195.79
Door knob FSB 0829, alu F1
EUR 21.01
EUR 30.01
Window middle hinge, black
EUR 5.73
EUR 8.19
Vēstuļu klapīte 76mm, hromēta
EUR 35.68
EUR 54.89
Atslēgu piekariņš AUTO
EUR 2.29
EUR 2.54
99EP/E panic door lock 45-92-20
EUR 99.86
EUR 133.14
Jostas klipsis, Ø 28mm
EUR 4.32
EUR 5.08
Padlock Premium Diskus 70
EUR 21.79
EUR 31.13
EUR 12.36
EUR 17.65
EUR 488.60
EUR 698.00
Floor doorstop, brass anrique
EUR 5.70
EUR 8.14
EUR 2.43
EUR 4.86
EUR 424.91
EUR 607.01